Frown Lines

zornesfalte_glabellafalte gut behandelbar mit botox bei youthconnection hannover

The frown or Glabella lines are vertical wrinkles lying between the eyebrows and the root of the nose. They occur not only when you are angry, also when you have a pronounced mimic or need glasses. Because you have a negative association with this wrinkle, it is one of the most treated. The price for treating frown lines HERE.

Forehead lines

sorgenfalte_denkerstirn therapie mit botox bei youthconnection in hannover

Forehead lines are horizontal parallel lines, which appear by elevating the eyebrows to often. This wrinkles have a negative association because nobody wants to look sorrowful. While Botox treatment of forehead lines the big forehead muscle (Frontalis) will be weakened. Gradually the wrinkles fade and the forehead is relaxed and smoothened. Price for this treatment HERE.

Crow’s feet

kraehenfueße, lachfalte abschwächen mit botox, youthconnection hannover

Crow’s Feet are lateral the eyes and go direction hairline. This wrinkles are positive associated, because they occur also when laughing. But if they are very dominant, the affected person seems older than he/she is. Little Botox injections in the lateral ring muscle help to make them a little bit smaller. So they are not so prominent and the characteristic is gained. Botox-price for Crow’s Feet.


bunnyfalte behandeln mit botox bei in hannover

Bunny lines are on the back of the nose laterally. They appear more often in women -especially they have had a Botox treatment of Glabella lines before or are coquette. A little injection on each side makes them dissappear.
This treatment is often combined with treatment of the Frown lines, because of the anatomical situation it is an asthetic unit. Our affordable price for Bunny lines.

Puckered chin

erdbeerkinn_pflasterstein behandeln mit botox bei youthconnection in hannover

Especially women suffer from the puckered chin. While tensioning the chin muscle you can find retracted dots in this area. Little injections with Botulinum help to weaken them and to make them dissappear. Price for puckered chin treatment.

Neck Folds/ Turkey neck


Women in her best age often realize, that they have two vertical tissue excesses on the neck. It is called turkey neck because turkeys may have a similiar structure. It is a local hypertension of Platysma muscle.

Truthahnfalte behandeln mit botox bei in hannover

Some injections with Botulinum will lead the Platysma muscle to relax, so it seems as if the skin is tightened. Botox can help without facelifting or surgery. Price for turkey neck treatment.

Botulinum can improve gummy smile

Not so well-known is the indication when you have a gummy smile. During this phenomenon you are not able to smile without showing your upper gingiva.

Gummy Smile, Zahfleischlächeln

In exreme cases it can happen that the teeth dissappear while smiling and only the gum can be seen. Affected people do not feel comfortable and smile not so often on pictures or in public.
While treatment- the muscles which elevate the upper lip are weakened. So the gingiva which can be seen is less.
In Germany it is not allowed to show Before-After- Pictures. But you can find some here.
The gummy smile treatment price here.