Other indications

Botox reduces axillary perspiration

Axillary perspiration is very annoying especially you have a job with a lot of customer contact or in public. Sweat marks and a typical smell can stigmatize you.

Botox gegen Achselschweiß, youthconnection.de, hannover

If deodorants do not work and an illness is excluded, Botox can help reducing sweating. The rest of the body will do the regulation of temperature without problems.
Perspiration on hands and feet can also be treated by Botox.
Here are our prices for treatment against perspiration.

Botox in migraine

Botox can improve migraine. This is the result of many studies.
After wrinkle treatment in the upper face many patients say they have less head aches.
The classical Botulinum treatment for migraine constists of more injection points. You can find more information on onmeda.de.