Treatment process

You visit us in our specialized institute “to go” for Botox und Hyaluronic acid treatment in Hannover.
At first we find out, which wrinkle you want to be treated or if you want a treatment of perspiration. After that we decide, if Botox or Filler is the right option or maybe both.
We talk about risks and possible side effects and you will be asked about your illnesses and medications.
If there are not any contraindications (for example muscle illnesses or pregnancy) and all your questions are answered, the proteine Botox will be injected in the muscle which causes the wrinkle or Hyaluronic Acid will be injected under a static wrinkle.
Because of the smallness of the needle this will not cause any severe pain. Epilation or waxing is often more painful. Our procedure is similar to accupuncture or a normal injection with your doctor.
In a treatment of one area there is often weakened more than one muscle, for example you need 5 injections for treatment the frown lines.
Alltogether (including anamnesis, consultation, injection) it lasts about 30 minutes.
The full effect of Botox is seen after 10-14 days. The muscle is weakened and can’t cause any wrinkles. We prefer a natural effect and do not like the “hollywood mask faces”. The effect lasts 4-6 month depending on individual conditions.
After 2 weeks you visit us for a control. So we can talk about the result. If there is any correction needed, we do it
for free.

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