Botox- yes or no? (Dis-)Advantages of Botox

Botox has an garantueed effect against mimic wrinkles. The price is similiar as to high quality creams.
If you get a higher dose of Botox, it will weaken the mimic of the face. This is an ideal of US-Americans. In Germany people often do not like such a “Pokerface”
But every treatment is completely reversible. Not only famous people are using Botox, but also normal people.
It is very important that the practicioner is experienced and well educated in his field and did not only take part in a weekend-course. (In Germany every physician is allowed to use it, even if he only took part in a short course. That is why not every practicioner, who is permitted to use Botox, is an expert in Botox treatment. (In Germany dentists do not have the permission to use Botox.) But many facts a pro-arguments for a Botox treatment:

  • After Botox treatment you always have an effect.
  • You look like you come back from a holiday trip.
  • The treatment lasts very short (Botox to go)- but the effect stays up to 4-6 months.
  • Injections do not cause much pain, because the cannula is very small. (Much smaller as the cannula used for vaccination or used for taking blood) Small hematomas may occur, but you can hide them with make up and they dissapear after a few days.
  • You are able to work immediatly after treatment.
  • The effect is completely reversible – so you can try it without long term consequences.
  • The muscles, which are treated, will atrophy, like an arm, which is in a cast. That is why the positive effect could even last longer.
  • You invest in your beauty. The german newspaper writes:„Wer schön ist kommt weiter“(Beauty advances) or the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung: „Erfolg im Job – Schönheit zählt so viel wie ein Uniabschluss“ (Success in career- beauty is as important as a grade from university) .

If you want a Botox treatment, is your dicision, like how often you look in the mirror or if you go to a hair stylist or cosmetic treatment.

Allow yourself a treatment in our specialised institute- similiar to a cosmetic treatment. Here you can find youthconnection.

Many famous actors, business man, moderators, singers, artists, politicians and so on are already using Botox to support their youth and beauty. They have the knowledge like the magazine “Spiegel” titles:„Schönheit zahlt sich buchstäblich aus“ (Beauty pays).

Which celebrities are using Botox? You can find out

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