Botox- risk and side effects

In the 70s Dr. Alan B. Scott started using Botox for strabismus-treatment. Now, Botox is used since more than 30 years in different fields of medicine. There are more than 2000 Publications and it is one of the best researched pharmaceutical. A long-term side effect has not been seen.
But there are some pictures of Botox-victims or Botox-masks in the internet with the comment, that Botox is very risky or deadly.

This panic-making opinion comes from the very rare illness Botulismus.
In such a case you get an overdose of the Botulinum, which is produced by bacterias in an uncontrolled way like in badly tinned food articles. This cases have to be seen in a different way from asthetic treatments.
We will explain the word poison, so you can understand better, what the difference is. Poison is a substance which causes damage. But the important thing is, that it depends on the dose if a substance is a poison or not. The same substance is not dangerous or can be healthy in a low dose like headache-pills, salt or even vitamines. Nearly every substance can be a poison depending on the dose. In 16. century the famous physician

Paracelsus consisted, the concentration of a substance decides if a substance is medicine or a poison („Dosis sola venenum facit”).

In case of above named food poisoning (Botulismus) is an Intoxication possible, because of uncontrolled production of this substance, which goes through the intestine in the circulation. If there are symptoms of intoxication, you must immediatly call a physician. It is very important not to eat curved tins.

In asthetic treatments we only use approved substances with an extreme low dose, so there is no danger of intoxication and it is no poison.
Besides there are no bacterias in it. Botox injections do not go into the circulation. The effect is only local.

There might be some little side effects like local hematoma, a little pain or that the effect is more or less strong.
But in every case this effects are completely reversible. There will not be any numbness. You can feel everything as before.

The deadly dose for a 70 kg man (LD50)is between 39.200 – 78.400 units Dysport, this are 156 to 313 phials of Vistabel (approved pharmaceutical for wrinkle treatment). In asthetic treatments we use only 1 phial of Vistabel, so the risk of an overdose is extreme low. Until today nobody died because of asthetic treatment.

Long term effects of Botox

Since the 1980s Botulinum is used in medicine especially in neurology. This experiences are used by the wrinkle treatments.
More than 30 years ago- the physician Alastair Carruthers and his wife Jean discoverd by accident, that Botox planed wrinkles. They did 853 treatments in 50 patients over 6 years. 99,5% of all treatments were completely without side effects and the risk of side effects was equal, if they did only 1 or more treatments.

The Carruthers are still convinced Botox users after this long time.

“When is a Botox treatment prohibited?”

You should resign Botox treatment, if one of the following points concern you:

  • during pregnancy or breast feeding
  • if you have a local infection in the treatment parts
  • if you have muscle diseases (for example Myasthenia gravis, myasthene Lambert-Eaton-Syndrom),
  • if you have problems with opening your eyelid
  • if you have an allergie against one of the ingredients (like Albumine),
  • if you have an autoimmune illness,
  • if you have a severe heart disease,
  • if you have blood clotting problems or if you take drugs, which inhibit blood clotting (like aspirine, cumarin, heparine)

Before treatment we will check this parameters with you.

Botox also for me?

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