Filler-Treatment for me? Filler’s advantages and disadvantages

Hyaluronic acid is the most biocompatible filler, because it has a natural incidence in human bodies. It is injected directly where a loss of volume occurs or in static wrinkles for example nasolabial folds, lips. This effect will dissappear after a couple of month but can last up to 1 year because of its water-bonding-ability. Because of its long lasting time the price for hyaluronic acid injections is similar to a high quality anti-aging-cream.

Many celebrities improve their look and anti-aging with filler treatments.

For creating a good result it is very important for the therapist to know the exact anatomy of the face and being well-informed about news in treatments.
The person, who does such treatments, should be an experienced expert and not only a person, who took part in a weekend workshop.
That is why not every physician or alternative practitioner, who does hyaluronic acid treatments, is a specialist in his field.
But if you know, where to go, there are many good reasons for your filler treatment:

  • After your filler treatment you immediatly will see an effect.
  • You will improve your appearance and look recovered and younger.
  • Treatment time is short, but the effect lasts up to 1 year.
  • The injection does not cause severe pain, because the canula is very small. Moderate hematomas may occur. You can hide them with make up and they will dissappear after a few days.
  • After treatment you do not need a timeout.
  • The effect is limited, that is why an attempt is not very risky. The substance gives you volume and hydrates tissue because it connects water.
  • You optimize your beauty with all positive aspects- as the Stuttgarter Zeitung titles:„Die Vorteile des Schönseins“ or the Frankfurter Allgemeine: „ Schönheit macht erfolgreich“ oder die Karrierebibel: „Hübsch hoch – die monetären Vorteile schön zu sein“.

Finally you have to decide by yourself, if you dare a try and how much is your beauty worth for you. But- there are a lot of positive arguments for filler treatments.

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Many celebrities and well known people are using Botox and Fillers to improve their look and for more success: „Schönheit zahlt sich buchstäblich aus“.

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