Frown lines/ Forehead wrinkles

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Forehead lines like Frown lines are not a typical indication for filler applications, because they are not dynamic wrinkles (which are caused of muscle activity). These type of wrinkles are treated better with botox, which will weaken the responsible muscle. After that the corresponding wrinkles can regress. In special cases of very deep lines it is possible to make a combination treatment with Botox and Fillers.

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Crow’s feet / Tear trough

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Wrinkels which lie on the side of the eyes (crow’s feet) are best treated with botulinum. But the typical tear troughs are a typical indication for hyaluronic acid especially when sunken and dark. While treatment with hyaluronic acid this area is filled with hyluron, so it gets plane and often lightened. It has a good anti-aging-effect. 1ml of hyaluronic acid is enough (depending on the depth of tear trough).

The Prices for a Hyaluron-Treatment in this area depends on the amount.

Nasolabial fold Treatment with hyaluronic acid

Nasolabialfalte gut behandelbar mit Hyaluronsäure bei

The nasolabial fold goes from the ala of the nose to the corner of the mouth.

This fold is filled directly and after that will appear not as deep as before. It has a good effect without plastic surgery or lifting. Depending on the depth we will need at least 1 ml.

The Price for a Hyaluron-Treatment in the nasolabial area depends on the amount.

Injections of Hyaluron in Marionette Lines

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Marionette Lines are often seen in combination with nasolabial folds. You can find them from the corner of the mouth going in direction of the lateral chin. The German Chancelor Dr. Angela Merkel has this lines, too, that is why the word Merkel-fold Merkel-Falten established in Germany.

The cause is often a loss of elasticity of tissue and skin, which leads to a descent of tissue.

This fold will be directly filled and after that it seems more plane and not as deep as before. The amount which is needed starts from 1 ml. When the corner of the mouth seems to go down because of depressors muscel hyperactivity, it is possible to inject a little Botox in this area to elevate the corner of the mouth.

The Price for a Hyaluron-Treatment in marionette’s folds depends on the amount.

Vertical lip lines/ smokers lines

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This little wrinkles around the mouth often more on the upper lip than on the other can often be found on Smoker’s mouth, that is why they are also called smoker’s lines. This little wrinkels can be filled often in combination with a little filling of the lip. This makes you younger. This treatment has also a good effect in a combination treatment of the nasolabial or marionette’s fold.

After treatment you can immediatly go to work or shopping after a little cooling. Little hematomas may occur, but they will disappear after a few days and can be hidden by make up.

The Price for a vertical lip lines correction depends on the needed amount.

Treatment of wrinkles on the neck / Dekolleté

This very small wrinkels can not filled directly. What you can do, is making lots of mini-injection with a low viscous hyaluronic acid. This will lead to a water bonding and a indirect anti aging effect.

If there are two vertical tissue excesses on your neck, it is called turkey neck, which is caused by lokal hyperactivity of Platysma. Botoxinjections can improve this.

Other aesthetic indications

Other aesthetic indications can be the correction of nose unevenness or volumefilling of the cheek for facemodelling and lifting effects without plastic surgery.