Risks and side effects of fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the most biocompatible filler because it has a natural incidence in human bodies. An allergic reaction is very uncommon.

Although the possibility of severe side effects is very impropable, a treatment should only be performed by a specialized health professional (physician or specialized healer), who has the knowing of the anatomy of skin, vessels, nervs and underwent many trainings. He has to know the exact dosis and where to inject. Little Hematomas are quite normal and will fade.

Dangerous is only the incorrect treatment or self treatment. In such case it is possible to get some knots for example in the lips, which you can feel or even can be painful for a long time. Besides it can look very unnatural without any contures. A very rare risk is the injection in an artery, which can be closed and causes tissue damages.

“When should I avoid fillers?”

Do not use fillers, if

  • you are pregnant or do breast feeding,
  • you have a local infection or Herpes,
  • you have allergies against substances, which are used,
  • you have an autoimmun illness,
  • you have severe heart risks,
  • you are bleeder or take thinning drugs (like aspirine, cumarin, heparine).

Before treatment we will clear this with you.

Filler also for me?