Prominent users of Botox

Many celebrities are looking amazing young and wrinkle free although they should look older for their age. This can not be only the effect of a good wrinkle cream and this is no secret. The curiosity about Botox and the acceptance are increasing. You can see it in many field reports of Botox treatments, forum articles and television shows like in Germany “shopping queen”, “Extrem schön” (extreme beautyfull) on RTL 2. Fact is: Many stars are using Botox, although they are often afraid of admitting this because of negative PR.

Many newspapers, magazines or webpages like, Cosmopolitan, intouch, Express, Joy, slimcelebrity, Jolie,, Schweizer Illustrierte, t-online, Starlounge, and many more relate some celebrities with Botox, who you can see in the following.

Promis und Botox

Other celebrities and Botox

This list of famous people doing injection therapies does not describe our personal opinion. It is the opinion of the linked references. We do not give a personal valuation and do not guarantee a completeness or rightness of this information. Not every Botox treatment might lead to a good or ideal result in this shown list. For personal consultation do not hesitate visiting us and get some information for free.

Tips against wrinkles. On the following page you can find more information.

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